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The Passion Behind the Business

While we do offer the best quality products and services, what really makes Green Queen Wellness great is our incredible team. A little fam from Maine who are lovers of nature and travel. Sharing our experiences and knowledge with the world in hopes of showing others what is possible 

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For the last 8 years Brittany has worked as a Radiographer & Diagnostic medical Sonographer. She stepped away to create a business where she could help others heal themselves naturally by addressing the root cause and reconnecting back to the natural healing powers of the Earth, something that she felt conventional medicine had lost touch with. She is a certified cannabis healer and is always learning about holistic healing



After serving 4 years in the United States Marines Kyle began a career as a Radiographer serving veterans in a VA hospital. With a passion for helping people live better lives, starting a CBD business was a no brainer after seeing the benefits for himself

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Barketing Manager

Moxie is a taste testers for all our pet products and also a daily consumer of CBD. She in a big part of why Green Queen Wellness came to be. She is a cheery chap who instantly brightens the day of everyone she encounters. With her boundless energy and huge smile, Moxie is the epitome of "just super excited to be here"


Vice Pooch

Bella is quite possibly the World's most chill dog, so she's great to have around at work, especially when you're feeling stressed. It's hard not to be inspired by her incredibly relaxed approach to life. Always reminding us to slow down and take a breather. She also enjoys being a taste tester of all products and doesn't go a day with her CBD!

Team: Team
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