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Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Well, this feels like it has been a long time coming. I have wanted to start a blog for a few years now and decided it was finally time to just do it. I LOVE blogs. Rather its research and planning our travels or finding a DIY herbal remedy, I am looking for a blog post on it. I have learned so much this way and wanted to create a space where I could show up and do the same for others.

If you are interested in simple living, homesteading, travel and bettering your health then this space is for you!

I chose the name WildLiving because we are on a mission to live a more wild life. What does a wild life look like to us? It’s one where we are more self-sufficient in all aspects of our life. It’s a life different than what the “norm” of today’s society is. We want to live a life more in tune with nature, living off the land and growing/raising our own food.

A little about me


32 years old

Born & raised in Maine

Currently live and travel fulltime in an RV

I have a boyfriend of 6 years, Kyle

2 pups, Bella & Hunter

Words that sum up our life



Business owners

Plant lovers

Dog obsessed

Health & Wellness junkies

In September of 2021 we took a leap and made some big life changes! If there was anything the last two crazy years have taught us it’s how much we let outside sources have control over how we live our lives. We wanted to change that and live what felt to us as a more WILD and FREE life. A life free of debt, not being on someone else’s schedule, travel as we please, living with less to experience more and just doing more of what makes us happy. We called it “exiting the rat race” and living a simpler life. Keeping up with the Jones just isn’t our style. You will notice that when you see everything we own is at least 10 years old lol.

We have two mottos in this home on wheels and I’ll leave those both to Kyle’s wisdom

1. If it still works you don’t need a new one

2. Whatever the Government says…do the opposite (at least these days this stands true). I don’t believe our government was always this infiltrated with evil and only looking out for the betterment of their own pockets, but it certainly is right now

We both left our fulltime hospital radiology jobs that we would have been let go from because we choose not to get the vaxx. We did what was right for us and I couldn’t be proud of us for standing our ground. Short story of how I feel about this whole Pandemic…it was planned, the goal was and is to gain control over us through fear and mass psychosis. If you are interested in why I feel this way start by researching these two things and not on google, use Look up The Great Reset & Klaus Schwab and dive down that rabbit hole of research. Come back to me and let’s chat after because I love talking this stuff! My eyes were never opened to these things until I heard someone else say them and I’m like, “what? You’re crazy!” But then I became curious, started questioning, doing some digging and learned quickly that I only knew what I knew and was just opened up to other possibilities. That is how we grow my friends.

OK enough of that for now and more about our story!

So along with getting done our jobs we bought and renovated our RV and sold our first home. It was a WILD few months let me tell you.

We worked our butts off the last two years to pay off our debt and start a business knowing that we wanted to be more self-sufficient in all ways possible.

Oh yeah remember how I said we are plant lovers; we have a special love for Cannabis & Hemp. Our business Green Queen Wellness offers CBD products that help bring balance and wellness to your life, all made by yours truly! We love helping and caring for people. It’s what got us into the medical field. This is our way of caring and helping others with their health now. Giving you more natural options for better health.

So, we closed the door to our first home one last time on October 31st and drove away in our home on wheels. We wanted to skip out on a Maine winter so we headed south and have been traveling all around the US since. As winter comes to an end we are slowly making our way back across the states and back to Maine for the summer.

For the next couple years, we plan to live in our RV while we build our homestead on our land in Maine. We may even try and tackle the Appalachian Trail during that time hehe…I know, you’re thinking we are crazy!

What better time than now to start this Blog and share all these crazy wild adventures with you!

I hope you gain some laughter, knowledge and inspiration through following along!

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